That seems! According to statistics from the INE (INE), in Spain the number of singles between the ages of 25 and 65 has been increasing by more than 2,000,000 people in the last 15 years, recently reaching nearly 8,500,000 singles. Interestingly, the city with the highest percentage of singles (single, divorced, separated, widowed…) is the Spanish capital, where they represent 19 percent of its population. Anyway, in our country singles still win by a landslide with 78 percent, followed by the separated, with 15 percent, and widowers, with 7 percent. Not bad, hey hey! We learn fast and, if it weren't for the general situation, surely there would be considerably more. I'd like to make a little point: today, the average of dissolved marriages lasts 16 years, which throws a majority of people with an average age of 4,050 years into the single market. If we add the 3045 young people who are still single due to their own vocation or because they have not been able to locate someone unique enough, since we have what we see on the street, a rather dissatisfied society that seeks and does not find a stable place and that it goes back closed, indifferent, selfish, despotic and, ultimately, over the years, sometimes, hypochondriac. In any case, the marriages that continue to function are not all of a cakewalk, how many survive for convenience, interest, image or economic reasons?

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As far as the condom is concerned, in Spain it is ordered as a health product, not as a medicine, but since it is not sold exclusively in pharmacies, but through many other means, pharmacists do not necessarily have to be linked to its sale. In addition, some studies indicate that its efficiency as a protection against sexually transmitted diseases does not go beyond 70 percent. The pharmacist can therefore object that the means, the pill or the condom, is not proportional to the end it pursues, since they are products that also serve an evil purpose that is contraception, something with which the Christian professional should not cooperate (Pau Agulles Simó, Pharmaceutical conscientious objection in Spain).

However, this flexibility can lead, at least from the male side, to seek and achieve pending goals. From the feminine side, to break schemes and discover other ways of seeing life, where the labels that unfortunately weigh more on you than on us, find another meaning.

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It is diffuse, that is, indistinguishable from sensuality

The man, sweaty, has the powerful vision of his erect penis dripping with intense vaginal lubrication. he feels practically beside himself with excitement, demonstrating to himself the vital meaning of vaginal penetration. If you have fantasized like him with each thrust, your vagina will feel like an exciting volcano about to explode. The G-spot area is on the verge of boiling. He has been absorbing the energy of each thrust, accumulating the pleasure, wanting to burst with joy, knowing that this time the climaxes are going to be tremendous.

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Accompanying the son or delivering the daughter, at his own wedding, demands freedom to let him go, recognizing him with full rights to lead his life and continue on his own, the evolution of his own family, which is just beginning.

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As soon as Your Lord stands before you, you are forbidden to look into His eyes, remember it submissive!

When the Fb boom exploded, I met up again with many friends from university who, curiously, came to me via chat telling me that they were very curious when we studied together and that I continued giving it to them, but when the opportunity arose to run into each other in person, neither They didn't even make the slightest attempt or effort to date or have anything with me. However, I had a pending account with a former colleague and we began to send each other messages, which became emails, until the moment we finally met and… we settled the account, we liked each other…, but it couldn't be because of the distance that separated us . No more.

Being able to see you during intercourse arouses the man. Men are more visual, as stated above, which means that being able to see how they are pleasuring their partner can really turn them on. As a woman, being embarrassed about imperfections is foolish because the man you're with must love you and all your imperfections. Absolutely no one is perfect, that's what makes you perfect for him. Embrace your imperfections as your own unique identity and be intimate with the lights on.

Caressing and kissing of the genitals necessarily involves genital fluids. These fluids are nature's creative preparation for intercourse. They lubricate the sexual organs to facilitate intercourse. In addition to this, they are a pheromone that acts as a sexual attractant that excites couples. The Taoists of old believed that abundant lubrication was of the utmost importance for pleasurable sex. Modern sexologists, who suggest substitutes such as saliva or artificial lubricants in an emergency, agree. Natural ingredients, in sex, as with food, are always the best.

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Alternatively, invite a friend to join (but don't tell your lover). Make your friend clearly flirt with her lover or even try to pick her up. Your attention probably boosts her ego (and can turn her on in different ways). Have a secret word for when it's time to fully retreat so you can fill up the pickup!

Do the math and you'll see how with these 2 stories that are non-negotiable 'days without sex' you go a couple of weeks a month without trying it. Yes, because men, in our infinite goodness, are not aware at the beginning of when these periods begin and end, so they tend to start very frequently on the weekend (Friday) or on a holiday or just the day you give them to understand that you want sex. It doesn't fail. Sometimes, so that you don't even think of insinuating yourself, they drop that they are in one of those internal cellular processes practically out of the blue. And, since we're nerds like this, we're not used to keeping track of these things, so they enjoy these two apologies for as long as they think it's necessary.

My answer, as expected, was that there is no such thing as fortune in attachment. What exists are our own actions that make people love us or distance themselves from us. If you continuously face the fact that your prospects leave you almost immediately and with almost absolute certainty, the omission is not luck but rather yours.

Sn what do you prefer in an intimate relationship, to be a master or a slave?

Society has confused the softness and gentleness of women with weakness and submission. Similarly, society has mistaken the harshness and sexist ways of men for strength. Men are only physically stronger. Women have the real strength, which is intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and sexually. Unfortunately, most women don't realize this due to centuries of being told they were the weaker sex.