I mention this to you because at a certain point in our relationships, my husband lied to me … not in a critical tone, but as a comment that was supposed to please me … that my sexuality was considerably more intense and developed than his. any other woman who could have existed in his life. I felt that he was equating me in the most intimate aspect, and the reality is that I did not accept this comment as a compliment, although I never told him …

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That your wounds are so deep that you don't even feel them. If you do not realize it, or blame it on others, it will not heal and it will become entrenched and it will be one more stone in your sensitive backpack that will prevent you from meeting a person worthwhile. Let's agree that it is not a very usual situation, but if it happens to you, you should try to take it as the most natural thing on the planet. You introduce one person to the other by referring to them as a friend or friend and see what their reaction is. Lastly, it would be a great opportunity to find out how jealous husbands or wives are going to be in the future.

When I flew from Venezuela to your city, I did it dreaming of the moment when I met you

I penetrate her for a while, stimulating her vagina more until she begins to gasp and she tells me to stop, to stay still inside her. That means one thing that she and I love: the Paradise massage. With my penis standing inside her, I contract and relax my perineum muscles over and over again, because in this way the penis is lifted as if it were swelling. I am massaging her vagina without leaving her, and that sensation is crazy for us. But I get even more excited when she responds by squeezing her vagina. Then I feel that she embraces my penis more, that she really wants me inside her. I start in this way to give him good thrusts … She is the woman I want, I like everything she offers me throughout sex. And I give you the gift you need: not stop until you feel the tremors of your orgasm and have ejaculated every last drop of semen.

Women are curious like a cat and men are calm like a dog, it is a natural state; We do not like conflict and if we can avoid it, we do it. They love mysteries and since they were little they are trained in the ability to extract truths with lies and to investigate more and more until they satisfy whether that word fits in a woman's dictionary that instinct that tells them that there is something more hidden.

To begin with, masturbation can take on another meaning and acquire another intensity. There is also no doubt about the fact that our capacity for sexual expression improves thanks to the exchange of sexual items that can occur through chat. Chat allows you to express things that are considerably more difficult to express live. Being able to articulate your own wishes through chat and negotiate them with a virtual partner is a great gymnastics to finally be able to do it in real life. Self-esteem and self-confidence increases. And it also increases the imagination. The fact that everything is reduced to words, without direct consequences, lets the imagination run wild.

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IT CAN HELP YOU COMMUNICATE YOUR WISHES MORE EASILY. Have you always and in all circumstances wanted to try anal sex, fisting or a bit of bondage? Put on a movie that reflects your fantasies and see how your partner reacts. This saves you the trouble of having to articulate some of these perverted thoughts out loud, but still opens the door for your wild side to shine through. The COCK that I have as an attempted boyfriend had the audacity to tell me I no longer want to continue with you … After holding you for ONE YEAR. I ran away from home many times to see you, I cheated, I did everything, so that now you tell me that? NOO !! I want to yell at you: GO AND TAKE IT BY THE SON OF THE GREAT WHORE. But I can't. I love you too shit.

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Play a game of Masturbating Maid. Tie it up with your apron and grab it or tickle it with your feather duster. When tied up, slowly undress, stroking your nipples, stroking your breasts, and touching your clitoris. Approach climax while you are tied up and forced to watch, then ask how you can assist.

Sometimes you can find yourself in a relationship with someone who seems to be very interested in you. You smile and smile back. You joke and laugh with you. Even you can be that kind of person who from the beginning simply attracts others to a relationship. You can have many interests and find certain in common. Unfortunately, perhaps that some in common can only be one, and your other interests may get lost along the way. Little by little, you begin to locate each and every one of the things that they do not have in common and you realize that you have attracted what you did not want.

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In 09, a group of feminist women from Kenya embarked on a related crusade involving the wives of the country's leaders. In this case, the aim was once again to put an end to the nonsense of their leaders under the slogan if they do not know how to end the violence, then do not come to negotiate rolls. At the very least, those involved sat down to speak for the first time in many months. Although not always and in all circumstances it has been the hand of a saint, sexual activism has been used by the female population throughout history to demand measures or stop abuses. It is a powerful and sometimes implacable weapon to bend the will of those who lie, abuse or commit any kind of abuse and achieve ethical behavior. In 2014, for example, a group of Ukrainians began, without much success, a sexual sabotage against Russia in protest against the annexation of Crimea to Russia with the slogan Don't give it to a Russian. Russian). The prayer was inspired by verses by the Ukrainian verse writer Taras Shevchenko who advised the maidens to avoid idylls with Russian men.

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