It is estimated that at 70 years of age, the male could see his physical sexual faculties diminished between 65 and 60 percent, but without detriment to the reproductive capacity that can be maintained at sufficient levels. However, if you have taken care of your health, diet, sleep and do not take drugs regularly, this reduction will not be more than 20 percent. Comparatively, the majority of males between the ages of 30 and 50 repeatedly experience serious lowered sexual performance similar to that of the elderly, some of whose disorders are not reversible. I know that, most likely, I am not telling you anything new. And perhaps, many of the concepts that I will dump on these pages are not going to be new to. But what I am sure of, is that he is the first person convinced of the truth of these assertions. You, man or woman who reads this writing, know that all this, perhaps already in your hands, could have made it change. And yet everything remains the same. Why?. I would say only out of cowardice. But I prefer to think that he is one of those who thinks that, despite all his sacrifices, he cannot change. And I'm going to prove to him that the Un Velero Called Libertad is a song by the Spanish José Luis Perales, in which he narrates the story of a coscolino man who goes out in search of an adventure, abandoning his wife, the one who loves him and is ready to wait for him, because he knows that very soon he will realize that he loves her too. The Lord has some purpose when he lets certain things happen to him. The moment a door closes, another opens, if you have faith and you put it in the hands of the blog. it is always with the man ready to make a brave and repeated effort. Feel in the hands of the blog. Let your tremendous strength lift you up over fear. Hi heart. Do you want to enjoy the company of a beautiful and sensual woman who, involved and hot, affectionate and dedicated, defines herself as someone who is passionate about sex and its pleasures and who recognizes giving herself up to him with her five senses? If your answer is yes, Carlota is the woman you are looking for. In Carlota's resplendent and sensually tattooed body you will find the paradise you have always sought, a place where you lose consciousness and forget about anything other than enjoying your bodies and satisfying your desires.

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