A couple does not have to burden us, nor should we burden them. If he is a healthy person, he will be with us because he loves us, because loving us does his life good, and if that is the essence of the relationship, what is the point of pretending to violate the individuality of each one? To want it is essential to be and feel free, because only one free being can love another without prejudice; which were. It doesn't matter that the shelves in sex shops are full of wonderful sex toys. It does not matter that the internet offers the possibility of buying any genre of erotic toy in any of the multiple sex shops that, like SexshopDreams, offer their services online to acquire in an easy, discreet and safe way that dildo that has caught our attention or that plug that, we think, will give us incredible moments of anal pleasure. There are people who, either in principle or in an adventurous spirit, escape as the soul that carries the devil of everything that, according to them, sounds like mercantilism. Hence, they reject the use of erotic toys that fantastic brands such as Lelo, California Exotic Novelties, Fleshlight, Doc Johnson or Tenga launch to the market and choose to use homemade sex toys or, which is exactly the same, that they choose to give use of sex toy to the most unlikely objects that can be found at home. Today we are expected to use an adequate and precise lexicon, more expressions such as down there or the chichi continue to be heard every night at bath time in houses around the planet. Experts agree that it is important to use ordinary words to refer to the s of the body instead of euphemisms and colloquialisms.4 Teaching youngsters the correct anatomical words, appropriate for each age, explains Laura Palumbo, specialist in prevention campaigns at the National The Sexual Violence Resource Center fosters a positive anatomical image, self-confidence, and communication between parents and children; it discourages aggressors, and in cases of sexual abuse, helps children and adults to circumvent the process of forensic interrogations and the disclosure of information.5 According to experts, it is obvious that adults influence the development of children's attitudes towards their body and sex and the degree of comfort they feel when talking about it.