Flirting with a less handsome man is also a convenient omen of fertility, making him even more desirable. The most attractive males ejaculate less seminal fluid. It could be due to a strategy of nature to compensate for the danger that less fortunate men may see their possibilities reduced. Nature did not suspect that one day the fofisano man would become a trend. Traditionally, the term that is accepted about femininity and more specifically about women, has provoked attitudes and you also interact as a slave, reducing opportunities for economic, labor and even social development for women and confining them in a role closely linked to motherhood and family, to the detriment of their participation in the construction of other areas of culture. However, the cultural changes have served as a speculum by returning negative images that have been reflecting of our femininity, serving as a starting point for a change of perspective where the woman has turned the tortilla and the slave relations continue giving more this Once with a reversal of roles in which certain women (logically the quamas) have reflected in men each and every one of the images, perceptions and negative conceptions that were previously (and still today) endorsed to us. The positive evaluation or overvaluation of masculine peculiarities such as physical and character strength, procreative and sexual capacity, insensitivity to physical or psychological pain and the ability to exercise authority and power, must have been seen with the transformation of roles of these women and the social utility of such characters, adopting them as their own and exacerbating them to truly toxic levels.

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